First Ever

When I first heard the word blog it was years ago.  It made me cringe, it sounded gross (still does) over indulgent, masturbatory,  the opposite of altruism, a selfish and self congratulating  outlet for the kinds of people that would read their journals out loud.  Who would do that? Who would read their journal out loud?  I guess I would.  I’m compelled to speak to you.  That is what writing is, its a compulsion, an altruistic animal cry in the wilderness when all fades.  Words are an attempt warn others of the perils of living, or maybe just of living as “myself.”  And nobody will ever be in danger of that…will they?…so why write?  I’m not sure what other blogs are used for, maybe they take indulgence to new heights and pretend to be experts on shit, review shit, advertise shit.  I’m no Debby Downer so let me feel this out from the stand point of a Brooklyn resident, originally from New Jersey, not a hipster, and I only have the intention of developing the writing, my craft, I want to use you as my sharpening steel.  Bare with me.


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