How old are you in your mind? When you wake up before that first cup of coffee…how old are you?  I’m 76, some times when I drink enough liquor the night before, on my way to the bathroom I feel like I’m 61 and I move like I’m 81.  When I cook dinner for myself I turn 35, great sex makes me feel like I’m 25 and when I smoke weed every once in a while I turn into a newborn, unhappy and confused and painfully aware of the juices flowing through my brain.  Youth is a state of mind but alcohol makes you feel older, making the wrong choices makes you feel significantly more lost, it weighs on you.  Exercise can make you feel young and why is that? The energy, the endorphins, the endolphins, maybe if I did the right amount of cardio I would saunter over to the coffee machine and not procrastinate an hour or two in the morning before changing my cat’s litter box.

Sleep might also um…help.

My friends and I prefer to go to bed or at least “retire” before midnight.  Starting a movie now around 11pm feels risky if it affects other people.  Spending too much money feels wrong and makes me cry out like an old man that needs his bed pan changed.  Have you ever scowled when someone is in the bathroom and you need to get in there, I guess that’s an ageless feeling.  Watch out for your scowling though,keep scowling levels to a minimum.

Zesty fits of rage, passive aggression, letting little things become colossal while your bigger hopes and dreams get stomped on by Godzilla like obsessions.

So how do we battle these mental ages, bring down the extremes, feel our own age, or lighter? Endolphins aside (unless they are the only cure) I believe in risk, take little risks, have your coffee a different way, take a different route home, take the wrong subway train on purpose, anal sex, and laughter.  Just some ideas, lol, sounds like a crock a shit but what else do we have to go with? Call me crazy but I’m not just an old soul, sometimes I think I take my life for granted because I’ve been here before.  What if we took our lives for granted because we’ve lived before, past lives without past memories.  Maybe in the future they will be able to read your real age,

Zip zip, frooooaaaaammmnn, “you are 347.” Great, I could have sworn I felt 82 before breakfast.  I’m in my late twenties btw and maybe this is a personal problem.


2 thoughts on “Godzillas

  1. Those kids downstairs, outside my window, drinking in their basement cause they have nowhere else to go or want to go (maybe) yelling and laughing and blasting music at 4 am…..they make me feel old

    • lol, yea me too. But they’re in the “just discovered drugs and “oh boy” we have a basement to listen to records in.” Is that the best stage or worst stage of youth, not sure.

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