Night Salmon

I’m a Night owl. Or is it Niteowl.  I’m not going to google that.  There, I finally found something not worth googling. Typically these are things we should know ourselves, maybe words and phrases that only we ourselves know.  Maybe the only defense against google is to invent new languages, but these words don’t have definitions, ideas that don’t have origins…philosophical google.  “how do you bake a salmon?” answer in google, “10 best reicipes.”  The answer of philosophical google, “why bake salmon? Go into the woods, build a camp fire, when you get there make mistakes, get bacterial poisoning from eating raw Salmon, realize its over because you could not last or think without google and THEN in your last moments of delirium you glance at the stars, foaming at the mouth in the wilderness… you see, the edge beyond google’s ability to answer, the universe, death.”

Google, you’ll never be able to tell us what happens then, after we die.  NED’s aside, Ted talks aside, see…you are already jumping to defend the megalith, the mastodon, the lazy mind and nimble finger’s friend, the Hitchhikers guide without the sense of humor.

Google, you can’t even explain why you exist: none of us actually know why it was so painful to look up information in dictionaries and encyclopedias in the first place.

Its alright, still have hope for “Philosophical Google.”

Lord, I’m a night owl and in order to maintain my status as one I’ve also apparently become a tv addict.  I finished watching the last episode of Sons of Anarchy last night and I felt a cold chill run down my spine.  I’ve never felt so lost, so emotionally homeless.  When I was addicted to the X-files or Lost, the run of both shows was over and they were so damn long I never had time to feel sad when I finished watching.  I’ve never even finished the X-files completely, too many years went by, lol, I changed as a human being, I quit smoking weed. the second Mulder got abducted in season 8 or 9, so did my patience.

Sons is different, its very unrealistic for a biker drama, lol but I would defend it to the death, certain moments have more soul than a decade of NBC prime time.  I love the characters, those biker vest wearing, teddy bear psycho killers.  Sigh, when did we all become TV junkies.  Now there are different kinds and obviously they overlap because no one lives in a vacuum, TV reality junkie, Can’t afford cable Netflix streaming Junkie, Download shit junkie, DVR junkie.  I always thought people who watched soap operas were the only tv addicts, the Days of Our Lives covenant but now its all of us.  And when you mention a show you’re really passionate about and your friend doesn’t watch it, he nods he gets a seizure, googly eyes before he proceeds to list four other shows he DOES watch…even though you never asked.

Blogs are different.  I’m trying, I want to believe, blogging, its like the religion of afterthought, the crevice of impulse, the sanctuary of rambling mad, computer literate children.  I’m down, at least we explore our thoughts, we’re like millions of mental patients bowing in their own white padded rooms, laughing and sneaking away at night to visit each other and touch finger tips in the dark.

Hoot hoot, I’m the night owl, and when the tv fades and I get too lazy to use one finger to press one button to watch one more episode of just one more show,

I’m going to use all ten to cry out something different.


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