Red Corvette

Yesterday was dark…I admit I have the right ingredients for crazy.  Hopefully not without eloquence.

But that’s the best thing about dark days, the next day is inevitably lighter.  After all, its memorial day and even though we should be moaning and wearing black garb while crying out for soldiers we never knew…what does America on this day?

Get drunk, go outside, dance and fight and eat and groove like its a day meant for after school refreshments on crack.

And that’s fine.  Cause today I’m red corvette, stationary…and flying.

If I had my way, I’d snap my fingers and boogie woogie to Chuck Berry all goddamn day.   And she’d be with me, dancing her ass off.  Life is short, people die young, maybe keep the sweetest thought in your mind’s eye all sunny afternoon.

Why not, do we have to live with now? Or can we separate it into several wishes for happiness and let the soul revel in what it wants laid over top what is.

I don’t want to be anywhere else so come over, bring your friends to the porch, hang like you’ve never hanged while I grace you with the umbrella like protector of my heart and soul.

Roll over Chuck.

Even though I’ve opted to hold back on Brooklyn till later, my thoughts go out to you and yours…here’s hoping you drink down the luscious daylight gluttonously.


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