What do we do?

Do we get better at what we are doing? Or do we do a better job at finding out what we’d rather be?

Looking at my first business card ever today was mesmerizing.

This whole week though I’ve been asking myself the same question…

Do I want to be knighted under a kingdom I’ve simply stumbled upon?

Or would I rather brave the forest in search for other places to kneel?

Who’s to say I’m not honoring the right place, that its blessed ground in the shade of foresight.

who’s to say the loyalty won’t pay off?

Life changes make us rattle and shake.  My roommate today was very nervous about quitting two jobs to pursue a temp job in the entertainment industry.

She shook and took steps backwards clenching her teeth and grinning a hapless grin to the floor.  She kept repeating, “I’m such a loyal one…”

I wanted to reach out and tell her its gonna be alright but humans needs to jump through their own hoops, there really is no other way.

And my brother quit his job today.

It feels good to walk away from a nowhere thing.  But its perplexing.  Letting go, I can see the static in people’s eyes as they let go.

Fear is not only a barrier but a tie

wrapped around your wrist and a formless dream

I don’t want to be tethered to the wrong flag but then again its better to be amongst good people walking forward than to be alone not walking at all.


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