devolving deeper

I’m stronger than I remember.

Friday on the subway ride back my energies coalesced

a sunset rested on my chest

Hoodie on, glasses fitted,

not a soul rides with love in their eyes

I search for signs, I do

up and down the faces, each turned down low

not like rows of faded winter light

there’s no romance in the exposed white light of a subway car

only wanting and waiting

pea smiles pressed in plastic, yellow and white

gleeful, joyless, a silent blade cuts us all off

in this metallic maleficiation

I have a steady hold

tonight beggars want my mystery

I am no one therefore I am the star

burning green
bursting like a sledgehammer through the statue of David

I have lost all of my best friends

But have gained my life

detached from devotion

to anything

but her


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