Winter Sol

The days are weakest when they love you.

A calm, sunny and warm day in the winter is a blessing without a disguise.

Storms and how we fight them do not have to define who we are.  Too often do I create conflict or disruption in the soul, veering myself off the path deliberately.

Sometimes I think its so I can look up and remember which way to walk back.

but why?

Home is where the heart is, the heart is a state of mind, and the heart never left.

There’s so much temptation and bad energy in the world, in the way of Beckett

Do everything required, finish the day, dive under the covers,


Wake up, try again.

Wake up, try again.

Make better choices…or less severe ones

Wake up, drink coffee, try again.

I woke up today, It feels alright

and she loves me,

All is well in the city that sleepily rolls on its belly for some mid day sun


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