A Turkey Named Trembles

Its difficult to see yourself:  just a turkey, swashbuckling on the edge of a menacing thought.  I try to let things go but they come back and hit me on the head.  Over and over like a toy with a paddle and ball.

I am good.  At least I thought so.  I am smart, at least a handful of experiences proved so.

But can I be fair to myself.  To the one I love.  Can I be fair in the face of evil…reach out with the stick, to the antagonize-r and let him smack it out of my hands…

Holding onto that stick burns.  I tremble, my turkey head explodes.

Roommate issues, professional and personal states wiped up and down, directionless.

Cool it says the Witch.  I love the part in movies when the villain surprises you and reaches out to be your friend.

Evil, anger, jealousy, general lousiness, futility, fragility…heaven save you and I from the petty pebbles that plague our silky minds.

Put on a good one, a soothing one and cool off.

Seven breaths for at least seven times.


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